Some of our offerings include: Smyth, Saddle & Side Sewing; PUR; Special Edition, Library & Legal Binding; Restoration; Family Histories; Hardcover & Softcover binding. 

Library Binding

Our Periodical and Monographic bindings meet the Standards established by the Library Binding Institute. We provide bindings for libraries throughout the West and Southwest, and we offer a full range of options to meet your needs. We can take your paperback books with picture covers, remove the covers, laminate them with our durable Mylar film, and make a sturdy hardcover binding designed to dramatically increase the circulation life of your collection.


Our F-grade buckram bound Standard Periodicals are available in 15 different colors. Our basic binding includes Standard Collation, verification of the title and proper sequence of the issues, acid-free endsheets, leaf attachment by double-fan gluing, and stamping on the spine with the title, volume number, and year in black, white, or gold foil. The text block is rounded and backed.



Our Economy Periodicals are produced in the same fashion as our LBI Standard Periodicals, except that the process of rounding and backing is eliminated, leaving the text block in the flatback shape. Rounding and backing enhances the durability of bound volumes, especially those that are large or heavy. We normally recommend flatbacks for material that is used less in your collection.



We rebind your library books with a new F grade buckram cover with our choice of colors. Our basic binding includes leaf attachment of double-fan-gluing with our acid free end sheets and stamping the author and title on the spine.



(For Paperback Books) We remove the original covers of your paperback books and laminate them with clear durable Mylar film, which we then use as the cover material, from which we make a new hardcover. Your book is double-fan-glued with our acid-free PVA adhesive and cased into the new cover, resulting in a durable attractive picture cover binding that will enhance circulation.


Your thesis is bound in our durable F grade buckram cover with your choice of 15 colors. Our basic binding includes leaf attachment of double-fan-gluing with our acid free end sheets and stamping the title and author’s last name on the spine. Call numbers can also be stamped as an option. Each volume should include a complete binding slip typed or neatly printed with the exact text you want us to stamp on the spine of the bound thesis. We can also provide pockets to hold maps, computer disks, or CD’s.


Our fully automated Trade Binding Division has produced quality softcover and hardcover bindings for commercial printers, publishers, museums, and galleries throughout the United States since 1960. We offer a complete line of bookbinding services and styles to meet your needs including folding, multiple binding styles, oblong and oversized casemaking and extensive foil stamping of covers. With our skilled employees and automated equipment we can efficiently produce short, medium and long run hardcover and softcover bindings.


We provide Library Binding Institute Standard hardcover binding for Family Histories. Our basic price includes three to four work weeks turnaround time (depending on the time of year), your choice of 15 colors of cloth for the hardcover, and computerized foil stamping on the spine in black, white, or gold in 18 and 14 point type or die stamping is available.


Our Legal Closing Document Binding Service provides prompt service, confidentiality, and distinctive binding of your documents. Our basic price includes: Five work day turnaround, Your choice of 15 colors of cloth for the hard cover, and Hot foil stamping on the spine in black, white, or gold with double-ruled lines.


In addition to our binding capabilities, we offer book repair services for jobs manufactured elsewhere. Occasionally books are bound with a misprinted page, missing pages or will have quality issues. We can repair a majority of these books at a fraction of the cost of reprinting and rebinding.


First impressions are often the selling point of a product, which is why our highly skilled sample makers give individual handcrafted attention to building a prototype. We work closely with our customers to deliver solutions that are custom fit to their needs. Our ability to capture the visual appeal that our customers are looking for is only one of the many attributes that has led to our continued success and growth.


Roswell Bookbinding is specialized in manufacturing turned edge binders, portfolios, menu covers, pocket covers, certificate holders and custom turned edge boxes in a wide range of sizes, styles and materials. We specialize in the undersized as well as the oversized pieces. In accordance with the customer’s specifications, thoughts, ideas and content, we will produce a piece to the size required. Depending on the design style and the quantity required, the product may be fully handcrafted or assembled using a combination of machine and hand assembly. Every job is separate and is carefully controlled to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

We provide our customers with an extensive choice of cover materials, including domestic and imported cloths, papers, synthetics, paper based leatherettes, bonded leathers and genuine leathers that include top grain cowhides, pigskin, calf, goat, lamb and exotics. We can also use a customers printed cover wrap.


Our normal turnaround time for regular work at the bindery is from three to five weeks, depending on the time of year. We also offer a one week Rush service. We schedule shipment pickups and deliveries for our routine customers that bind on a regular basis and are usually done on an exchange basis.


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