Mike Roswell


As a young boy back in the 1960s, Mike worked at his parents’ shop on the weekends and every summer. Over the years he learned the craft of binding books by hand and eventually mastered the automated equipment as various pieces were added. With a strong vision for success, Mike became a full-time employee in 1974 and now runs the company. After adding trade binding capabilities in the early 1980s, he began visiting hundreds of printers and publishers along the West Coast, establishing relationships with key people in the industry. Many still remain loyal customers today, enjoying the diversification and quality of the products produced both then and now.

Bryan Way

Trade Production Manager

Jim Menke

Trade Division Customer Service Director

Nancy Scherba

Trade Division Estimating

Kimberly Hodgson

Trade Division CSR

Janet Anderson

Purchasing & Vendor Relations

Kortez Brown

Specialty Division Manager

Jay Gutierrez

Specialty Division CSR

Christi Buchholz

Legal Documents, Conservation & Restoration, and Family Histories