Our fully automated Trade Binding Division has produced quality softcover and hardcover bindings for commercial printers, publishers, museums, and galleries throughout the United States since 1960. We offer a complete line of bookbinding services and styles to meet your needs including folding, multiple binding styles, oblong and oversized casemaking and extensive foil stamping of covers. In Addition, our fully automated Hard Cover Casing-in line and high volume cover production capacity provides us with the State of the Art capabilities that set us apart. We can also combine our bindings with our highly customized hardcover decorations to offer a range of products limited only by the imagination.  Even though we specialize in binding unique and unusual books, our ability to combine efficiency with craftsmanship allows us to offer competitive prices.

Perfect Binding
Lay Flat
Notch Binding
Saddle Sewing
Side Sewing
Conventional Smyth Sewing
High Speed Automatic Sewing
Custom Modified Sewing for Oversized Books
Wire-O Paper Cover
Wire-O Hard Cover
Concealed Wire-O