1. Produce the copies of the document to be bound as we do not offer any printing services. Add dividers and tabs if needed. Check the document carefully to make certain everything is in the correct order. We only perform a cursory inspection of the document because of the sensitive content and the length of legal documents. We do not check all the pages.

2. Bundle, wrap, or separate each volume to be bound.

3. Include a complete filled out LEGAL DOCUMENT STAMPING INFORMATION and LAYOUT SHEET, typed or clearly printed. The stamping layout chart shows the basic arrangement of spine stamping, and the standard location of the double rules. Simply type your information in the appropriate slot positions. The approximate caps character fit is about 8 characters per inch. Include your cover and stamping color choice. Cover colors are included on the STANDARD CLOTH COLORS chart. Stamping is available in black, white, or gold foil.

STAMPING OPTIONS: We also offer individual name imprinting on the spine, front cover stamping, and custom logo stamping. To custom stamp your logo we must first make a stamping die from your camera ready art, which adds an additional 2-3 days to the processing time.

Our standard cover is a one piece cloth hardcover. We also offer three piece covers and 3/4 style covers using genuine bonded leather.


Your thesis is bound in our durable F grade buckram cover with your choice of 15 colors. Our basic binding includes leaf attachment of double-fan-gluing with our acid free end sheets and stamping the title and author's last name on the spine. Call numbers can also be stamped as an option.

Customer preparation: Each volume should include a complete binding slip typed or neatly printed with the exact text you want us to stamp on the spine of the bound thesis.

We can also provide pockets to hold maps, computer disks, or CD's.

Please fill out the THESIS ORDER FORM and include the form and payment with your order.



For the book to function well, the bound text block must be at least as thick as the supplemental material. Occasionally there may be supplemental material included with a thesis exceeding the thickness of the textblock, which is too thick to be contained in a pocket. The solution is to make a product called a Wraparound, which includes a bound hardcover thesis and a hard slipcase to hold the pocket material.


If the supplemental material is 1/4" thick or less it can be placed in a pocket glued onto the back board of the hardcover. When the supplemental material is over and does not exceed the thickness of the text block, To compensate for the space the pocket material requires a process called stubbing is used to add space to the spine of the text block.


Our normal turnaround time for regular work at the bindery is from three to five weeks, depending on the time of year. We also offer a one week Rush service. We schedule shipment pickups and deliveries for our routine customers that bind on a regular basis and are usually done on an exchange basis.


The BINDERY SHIPMENT FORM lists all of our products, and shows us exactly what you are sending with the shipment. Please indicate the categories, quantities, and number of boxes in the shipment.


It's ok to mix products in a box as long as you wrap each kind of product together and identify it, but please mark on the outside of the box so we know it's a mixed box. Don't forget to fill out our Bindery Shipment Form.


Lay the item flat in the carton whenever possible. You may pack lightweight books vertically with the spine down to fill leftover spaces in the box. Fill the box completely and add plenty of packing paper on the sides. If your items don't fill the box add scrap cardboard so the box doesn't get crushed when other boxes are stacked on top of it by the shipper. Remember, the shipper will stack the pallet four boxes high, so be sure to add the extra material to fill the box completely so the items inside don't get crushed. Fill out your library's name and address on a label and place the new label on the carton. Please be sure to fill in the box sequence numbers, for example: Box number 2 of 14. Be sure to circle the category of material at the bottom of the label: PER. MONO. MYLAR


We contract with commercial carriers for out of state shipping. We will send you flat cartons, tape and labels for the cartons. Pack one copy of the Bindery Shipment Form in one carton and note "Shipping Form included" on that carton.


We offer a variety of different leaf attachment methods, noted below. Double fan gluing is included in the basic binding.


Saving the sewing

If the original sewing is intact we clean the old adhesive and backlining off, inspect the original sewing, and re-glue and reline the book with LBI Standard material.

Sewing through the fold

If the item is produced in folded sections we can sew through the fold.


If the item is produced in individual sheets and contains heavy, glossy, coated paper, short grain paper, or stiff covers oversewing is a strong durable method to use. The stitch pattern crops in 5/16" on the binding edge, and the open ability is also somewhat restricted.

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